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About Tyler Ryan

​Tyler is an award winning television and radio personality, investigative journalist, public speaker, emcee, producer and brand influencer.


For well over two decades, Tyler has worked in broadcasting, media and communications from working "up and down the dial,"

hosting morning and afternoon drive radio programs,

to hosting and producing television programming, and is

an investigative journalist, digging deep into

everything from criminal activity and paranormal

activity to historical and embedded stories.   Tyler also

hosts and produces long form documentaries, as well as 

serving as a brand ambassador for products, and


Tyler has been honored with many awards through the

years, including being named the South Carolina

Broadcasters Association Television Personality of the

Year, SCBA Public Service of the Year, a national Farm

Bureau award, and many nominations for his work in the media and community.  

                                                   After several years hosting and producing  television,                                                         radio, and Internet content, Tyler took to the sea,

                                                   serving as a Cruise Director for Carnival Cruise Lines,

                                                   honing his hosting skills and stage entertainment


                                                   In 2016, Tyler joined the cast of ABC Columbia's Good

Morning Columbia as a morning show co-host and weather anchor, as well as working with iHeart Media, hosting community affairs programming across the State on the South Carolina Radio Network.

Tyler also created a non-profit organization to help victims and families of crimes re-investigate cold and unsolved cases.  He also created the podcast and web program "The Unfinished Files," re-examining cold and high profile criminal cases.  The Unfinished Files is carried on the iHeart podcast app.

In addition to work in broadcast media, he is a professional emcee and host, a freelance writer for publications throughout the southeast, a product spokesman, and voice actor.​

Tyler's combined background of law enforcement, journalism, television talent and producing, to create a unique skill-set as a story teller.

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2010 - present
2010 - present

Tyler Ryan RESUME


Curtain Call | 2015



Bahakel Communications | Good Morning Columbia | 2016 - Present

Daily Morning Show Host / Investigative Journalist

Oxygen Network | Killer Couples | 2018

Investigative Expert / Host

Story Time Productions | What Really Happned | 2018

Investigative Expert / Host

Web Series | The Unfinished Files | 2019 - Present

Host / Executive Producer

Web Series | Manmade Gourmet | 2019 - Present

Host / Executive Producer

WACH-FOX | Tyler's Travels | 2010 - 2015

Host / Executive Producer

WACH FOX | Good Day Columbia | 2010 - 2015

Daily Morning Show Host / Investigative Journalist

WACH FOX| 10 Weeks at Jackson | 2014

Host / Executive Producer / Writer

WACH FOX  | Manmade Gourmet | 2014

Host / Executive Producer / Writer

Creation Syndicate | My Dream Room| Pilot

Host / Executive Producer

Lifetime Television | The Week The Women Went | 2013


TLC | Toddlers and Tiaras  | 2012


Northwest Hunter| Outdoor Channel | 2009



Carnival Cruise Lines | Entertainment Department

Cruise Director

The Cat in the Hat | Carnival Cruise Lines 


Carnival Cruise Lines | Entertainment Department

The Couples Game

Carnival Cruise Lines | Entertainment Department

Hasboro Game Show

Village Square Theater | Cheaper By the Dozen 


Branch River Theater | Bell, Book, and Candle 


Branch River Theater | Christmas Carol |

Fred / Young Scrooge

Branch River Theater | The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe


Commercials /
Brand Work

The Health Dare | National Campaign | 2018-Present

Brand Ambassador / Spokesman

Carolina Pool Tables | Regional  Campaign | 2018

Brand Ambassador / Spokesman

Carolina Pool Tables | Regional  Campaign | 2018

Brand Ambassador / Spokesman

Brakes For Less | National Campaign | 2009-Present

Brand Ambassador / Spokesman

My New Lens Case | National Campaign | 2010

Brand Ambassador

New Cell Holder | Pitch Campaign | 2010

Brand Ambassador

OmniComm Productions | Obama Coin | 2010

Voice Actor


Franklin Pierce University | Rindge, NH

Journalism / Theater Arts / English

Special Skills

Tyler is an award winning talent, however, also has earned his chops as a television and video producer, writer, communicator, presenter, and voice actor, but as acquired an interesting tool bag of experience.

Random skills and notes include:

  • SC Class 1 Sworn Police Officer

  • 23+ Years of Law Enforcement Experience

  • Sworn Police Sergeant

  • USCG Boat Captain

  • SCUBA Dive and Recovery Team Lieutenant 

  • Master SCUBA Diver

  • Certified Underwater Crime Scene Investigator

  • Certified Computer Crimes Investigator

  • Basic and Advanced Crisis Negotiator

  • Basic and Advanced High Risk Entry 

  • Private Pilot (fixed wing)

  • Auctioneer

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